The garage door, a door to the home, a window to the world, and for some, a haven from the outside world. In any case, whether you park your car in your garage, exercise or even watch TV in your garage, it is a special place in your home. At Absolute Quality Garage Door Service, we know the impact a new (or properly functioning) garage door can have on your home. A new garage door can change the whole look of your home, adding valuable curb appeal and an unmatched aesthetic beauty. At Absolute Quality, we strive to provide our customers with the finest service in Northern Colorado. After extensive experience working for other garage door companies, we decided to branch out in a different direction and start our own. You could say that we started our business in the garage, and like many of the household names that began in garages we are striving to become the premier garage door company in Northern Colorado. We got to thinking, since we are on the same path, why not look at some of the incredible businesses that have started in garages.


The ultimate in garage businesses, Apple Computer was started in a garage in Cupertino, California. The story is legendary and much told, but the gist is two super smart and forward thinking individuals made homemade computers in their garage. Now how many people do you know that have that sort of vision of what the world was going to become. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak basically changed the world as far as showing the large corporations what could be done. It is always the little guys that seem to make the biggest impact Like the next company on the list, two normal guys with huge ideas and a garage.


Over a hundred years before first iPhone was introduced, two friends started building with a brand new technology. The internal combustion engine had been around for awhile at this point but the practice of mounting the engines on a bicycle frame was beginning to become popular. 1901 was really the first surge for motorcycles and the friends capitalized on the trend. Designing and building a engine from the ground up in your garage is not something that really happens today, we have a much different view about consumerism. Harley and Davidson wanted a fast motorcycle so they built one, engine frame and all. The heritage is what truly sets Harley-Davidson apart from the pack and the company strives to honor its roots even today. This is evidenced by the dedicated fans of the brand that rival only Apple in loyalty to their favorite product.


Thats right, the biggest thing in the world is Amazon. It is the online equivalent to the blue whale, the largest mammal to ever live. Its founder started the whole thing in his garage and it eventually became what it is today. It was not necessarily dumb luck that made made Amazon the biggest online retailer, it was a forward thinking founder with a clear vision of the future. (See a pattern here?)  Of course, no matter how much Amazon takes over our lives, the next garage startup company will literally take over the world someday.


Ah Google, you know more about most of us than we will ever know. The search engine giant was also started in a garage in California. Nobody really knew what they were doing in that garage and all these years later we still don’t know what is going on at the Google headquarters. They are notoriously secretive but produce some brilliant technology. (Shhhh, they might be listening…) But lets put the tinfoil hat to the side for a minute, the garage is hands down, one of the most productive places in the home. It is a place for creativity and passion. How many times have you driven by a garage and spotted a muscle car with the hood up, a dream project waiting to be finished. So to all of the garage aficionados out there, cherish your garage and most of all enjoy it. Whether you are fixing up a ‘68 Charger, mounting the handlebars on a princess scooter, or even building a fusion reactor to power the next generation of flying vehicle, Absolute Quality Garage Door has your back.