The nights are getting cooler in Brighton and all of Northern Colorado for that matter. The kids are going back to school, the public pools are being drained for the winter and in a few weeks the leaves will be the shade of another autumn. These not so subtle indicators are a sign that winter, is indeed, coming. Generally homeowners do not think too much about winterizing their homes, at least in this part of the country. Sure, we take the hoses off the bibs, seal up the doors a bit better and maybe gas up the snowblower, but with the relatively mild winters along the Front Range we are pretty lucky to be located where we are. With all of this lack of necessary preparation, many of us forget about our garage doors. In fact, many of us never even consider our garage doors until there is an issue. When a problem presents itself who are you going to call? Well, you pretty much have two choices. You can contact the big, impersonal garage door company or you can call the owner/operator garage door company, Absolute Quality Garage Door Service, LLC. At Absolute Quality we believe in relationships and in order to form lasting relationships we need to be exceptional at our jobs. Providing you with the best possible service is the most critical aspect of our jobs.

The Best Equipment

In order to provide you with the best possible service, it is absolutely necessary to have the very best equipment. Now we know that there are guys out there that like to think that they can fix just about anything with duct tape and mechanics wire. Well back in the day that was pretty common, but back then lead paint was put on just about everything and asbestos was the number one building material. So while it may work for some, cutting corners simply to get the job done is not going to cut it for us. That is why we have a service truck outfitted with the common items that we receive the most calls about. Things like torsion springs and tubes, rollers, hinges, openers and cables, generally we have what we need on our truck. Of course, if you have ever done any maintenance, you know that there is always something that you did not count on, in those cases we have a large variety of contacts with suppliers throughout the front range that will usually have an odd part available. After 12 years in the garage door repair and replacement industry we would like to think that we have seen pretty much everything, but if you think you have a new one, please call! Those are the fun ones!

Torsion Springs

One of the unsung heroes of your garage door is your torsion spring. This underappreciated component is the whole reason that you don’t need a 440 Chrysler engine to lift your garage door for you, these spring lift ALL the weight of your door, technically the opener should just guide it up and down. Of course, torsion springs break all the time, they develop metal weaknesses that move to a single point, then BANG! The changing temperatures of winter can concentrate fatigue in the metal and cause springs to break. Your garage door typically will not lift up again! That is why our truck is outfitted with a wide variety of torsion springs for quick replacement when you need it the most. Torsion springs as they sit in your garage, mounted to the wall and connected to the bottom of the door by cables, are not inherently dangerous unless something catastrophic goes wrong, and by catastrophic we mean something very unusual. When torsion springs become extremely dangerous is when they break and the homeowner is determined to replace the spring themselves. For an untrained person the process is incredibly tricky and the margin for error is small. Replacing the torsion springs is just another task that with the right equipment, tools and years of experience, can be done safely. Every year homeowners are injured or killed replacing a torsion spring on their garage door.              

Leave It To Us!    

There are some home improvement tasks that are better to be left to the professionals, the people with the right tools for the job, the experience to do it right and the reputation and warranty to back it up. If you think you need a torsion spring, a bottom door gasket or even just a sensor adjustment, please call the experts at Brighton’s finest, Absolute Quality Garage Door Services.