Broken Springs are a very common issue. If you have lived in a home that has garage doors for any significant length of time it is likely that you have had a spring break on a garage door.

Healthy and intact torsion springs for a relatively heavy door.

Broken Left Hand Wind, Right Side Torsion Spring

The springs are the parts that actually provide the power to “lift” the weight of the garage door. An opener SHOULD just be guiding the door along. Most doors weigh in the neighborhood of 200+ pounds. Some of the older doors weigh far more. When a spring breaks the door will typically not open. Sometimes they do open about a foot before the opener senses a problem. This commonly results in trapped cars in the garage. That makes for a bad day! Absolute Quality Garage Door Service would be happy to get your door back in working shape as quickly as possible. I will even lift the door to allow you to back out your cars. I have even been known to leave new construction jobs (that are not in an extreme hurry) half done in order to go change springs for a customer in need. Give me a call 970-820-0218 or send me an email. I always finish a job once I have started, usually on the same day, provided materials are available, even if it means working late!

Safety Is Our Attitude

A word on trying to change springs yourself. Absolute Quality Garage Door Service will not sell new springs to individuals with the intent of self install, regardless of your mechanical prowess. I put quite a bit of advice into blogs on fixing other door issues that I think the average untrained individual can safely handle. Simply put, spring changes are not one of those things. Even with over a decade of experience I am VERY careful with springs. I use the right tools, and stay out of the area where the winding bar will travel like a bullet if the old spring breaks while I am unwinding it. To customers reading this, please leave the garage while I am unwinding an old spring, it is for your safety! I am happy to have you watch and talk to me during the rest of the process. I still carry a medkit in the truck! I have had springs break on me before. It is a scary and painful experience, even for a fully trained veteran! Please do not try this at home! The warning label regarding death and dismemberment is NOT kidding! Paying $200 for two fully installed new springs that will last you at least four years, fully warrantied, parts and labor, is FAR cheaper than a hospital bill. Heck, I don’t even think they let you in the parking lot for that much! You can contact me at 970-820-0218, or through email at