Your garage. The place you park your car, store your Christmas decorations (only 95 shopping days left!) or maybe you are a fitness fanatic with a full gym in there. Regardless of what you use your garage for, it is useless unless your garage door is in good condition. The whole point of having a garage door is to have a massively huge entry way that you can open and close. What is more American than a 18 foot wide by 8 foot tall door, or even larger (just ask!), that you can open dramatically while surveying your domain? At Absolute Quality Garage door we are committed to providing you with the finest garage door service, repair and installation in Northern Colorado. We are small, personal, and have exceptionally skilled garage door technicians. In fact, when you call us, you will speak directly with the owner. That is almost unheard of these days. No matter what is wrong with your garage door we are ready to take on the challenge. We have the talent to excel at the difficult jobs and are agile enough to provide our clients with flexible hours. The bottom line is, we love garages, and we love looking at our clients homes and seeing the enhanced curb appeal we are able to provide them with.

The Garage of Your Dreams

Now, with over 12 years of experience maintaining, installing and repairing garage doors of all shapes and sizes we have seen garages used for all sorts of crazy things. Of course, there is always the small businesses that became mega-corporations that began in garages. (Check out our previous blog here). There are the home auto shops, or just the large classic car collection storage buildings! The clubhouses (complete with urinal!). The horse barns. The dairy farms. The marijuana grow warehouses. The survival quonset huts in the the middle of Wyoming. The helicopter storage buildings. The underground garage installed under an existing home. The 1800’s era home turned into the neighbor’s garage. The restaurant full view glass garage doors. Last, but not least, the Budweiser brewery garage doors, not as fun as it sounds folks! Then there is the completely utilitarian usage of storing a car, and the cliché storing of camping gear, sporting equipment, and an amazing variety(and quantity!) of other stuff. What if you had the opportunity to do anything with your garage that you wished? What would you do? Do us a favor and leave a comment telling us exactly what you would do with your garage, given the chance. This question got us thinking about some of the more “unique” uses for the common garage.

The Enclave

We all know that the best superheroes have the coolest toys. Like Batman. Batman is a rich guy that has zero super powers. He can’t shoot laser beams out of his eyes, he can’t run faster than a train and he for sure can’t turn into water or something. What Batman can do is buy stuff. This makes him the superhero for the everyman, he makes it seem that, if we win the lottery, we can be a superhero too. The best thing Batman has going for him is the fact that he has such awesome vehicles and an even more awesome garage to store them in, the Bat Cave. Now we know that the Bat Cave is technically underground and has the ambiance of Casa Bonita but you can make your own Bat Cave in your garage at home. All you need is a bunch of tinfoil to cover the windows and something that replicates water dripping sounds. If you do happen to find a live bat in your garage, do not in any way try and make it your friend, bats are not your friend.

The Base of Operations

We all know those people who have claimed to have had contact with aliens. (Don’t we?) The possibility of alien life being discovered is one of the great mysteries of our time and can be a worthy pastime. I mean, look at the guys on TV they have credibility, right? But did you know that you can create your own home base for contacting aliens. Since you already have the tinfoil over your windows from creating your Bat Cave, it will be easy to repurpose it into what are essentially, prophylactic safety devices from mind reading aliens. People may scoff at the effectiveness of tinfoil hats but all evidence suggests that they do, in fact, block your thoughts from being read by hostile aliens. Searching for aliens in your garage is as easy as putting on your tinfoil hat and listening to AM radio.

The Hardcore Workout Gym

When you become tired of listening to static while wearing a tinfoil hat, many times the next step is to turn your garage into a hardcore workout space. Before you begin it is critical that your take some pre-workout supplement, that way you will be so jacked up, the transformation will take little to no time at all. Working out in your garage is more about taking supplements and making sure that your neighbors notice that you are working out, maybe a fullview glass garage door is in order here! After the Bat Cave and the Alien Contact Base your neighbors may think you are a little off, but once they see you chugging your power creatine shake while flipping a dump truck tire, they will want to be just like you. 

The first thing that you need to install into your garage is a WIFI connection because, when working out it essentially does not matter unless it is well documented. Even if you don’t know how to do a squat you can look the part simply by making enough claims on social media. Utilizing your garage as a backdrop is ideal, particularly if it resembles a run down warehouse somewhere. Make sure you make up a menacing name for your gym, something along the lines of “We Will Pull Out Your Nose Hair Deathsquad”. People love that.

The Prepper Fortress 

We all know that Planet X is going to crash into the Earth in a mere three days. Unless you were warned by your new alien friends and been offered a seat on their UFO, right now it is time to get busy. Surviving the end of the world is easy with a little preparation and your garage is the ideal staging area for your last stand. The first thing you will need is to stockpile some food. We recommend high calorie items like Twinkies and instant mac and cheese in order to survive the wasteland that will be left after the Earth is partially destroyed. So cover your windows and keep that AM radio tuned to the aliens and hope for the best. Preparation is the key when facing a rogue planet speeding towards Earth.

Still The Finest In Brighton

In all seriousness, thank you for spending a bit of time with us today and as always, if you need garage door service, repair or even replacement, give Absolute Quality Garage door service a call. We regularly make customer’s garage door dreams come true, even if they are sometimes a bit “out there”! We can have you up and running as soon as possible. Until next time! Thank you for your business!