We accept cash, money orders, checks, Venmo, Google Wallet, and all major credit cards. I prefer those payment forms in the order presented! Credit cards can be accepted over the phone if you are unable to be present when we finish the job. We use the secure Intuit GoPayment credit card system to accept credit cards while out on the job site, this includes the new chipped cards. Detailed receipts with work performed and amounts collected are given to each and every customer either in paper or digital form.

Service Calls

For service calls and openers, payment of some form is due upon completion of the job, before we leave the jobsite. Unfortunately we are unable to carry a credit line for anyone. 

Door Installs

For door installs, we do require a deposit of 30-50%. The percentage is negotiable within that range. We will not run away with your money; you will have a receipt AND a signed contract detailing the work to be performed and the deposit amount paid. Should Absolute Quality Garage Door Service fail to perform the work, a full refund is mandated in the contract. You may peruse the contents of the contract here. We believe it to contain fair and balanced protections for both the customer and the company!

Special Order Garage Doors

The manufacturers want their money up front at the time of ordering. Unfortunately, in the past, we have been stuck with too many odd size and hard to sell doors when a customer decides to not honor a verbal agreement. This deposit keeps you interested, and we stay interested in earning the remainder by completing the job! Thank you for your understanding on this matter and we thank you for your business.