Comprehensive Repairs and Preventative Maintenance. Residential and Commercial Service and Repair.

Is your garage door not opening? Do you have a broken spring, sheared operator gear or dumped cable?

Is your garage door making strange noises? Please keep in mind that a large moving wall ALWAYS makes some noise, especially as it ages, but perhaps we can eliminate some of it!

Has your door been damaged by a car? Perhaps it can be fixed or patched, if not, we can often locate replacement sections.

Is your door not closing? IF the lights on the opener are flashing on and off this indicates sensor misalignment, a problem that can often be solved for FREE over the telephone! I am happy to help!

Absolute Quality Garage Door Can Help!

Absolute Quality Garage Door Service has the solution for these problems and many more. We are happy to offer free advice over the phone, some problems can be solved very easily and for free! We will do our best to quickly get to service calls and get your door working again. For residential service within 30 miles of Brighton, we charge a competitive service call rate of $85 dollars, greater distances are slightly prorated to cover additional mileage, gasoline and time. We are happy to travel further, especially for bigger jobs! We carry a truck full of reasonably priced parts. We do not try to up-sell parts that you do not need, we do believe in doing the job right, which may require additional components.

Please be cautious of any company with service calls and small parts (Openers and New Panels not included) exceeding around $350 on a single call. Get a second opinion if you run into this! Most basic service calls including broken spring changes, dumped cables, and general service should cost less than $250. We do not charge for trips to measure and estimate replacement doors and openers. We often carry at least one new opener on the truck so that the tech can quickly get your door back in operation! Absolute Quality Garage Door Service’s $85 service call is an honest price, companies offering $30 service calls WILL attempt to sell you every part in the book, whether necessary or not!


Residential and Commercial Installation

We are proud to offer installation of Safe-Way, CHI, and Door-Link brand garage doors. IF you spot something made by another manufacturer (Wayne Dalton, Overhead, Clopay, etc) we will do our best to find a way to get that product for you or find a comparable (but likely less expensive!) door. In the owner’s experience, the brands we offer have a great style selection, excellent quality, and reasonable prices, as well as reasonably quick supply chains. We are happy to supply both physical and digital versions of the product brochures, simply email with some general requirements, like insulation or not, glass panel desired or not, door height and width, and general style and color preferences, We can then provide you with brochures and a quote! Please allow 4-5 weeks for custom or high end door types to arrive in Colorado. Most standard color, size, and style products are typically available within two weeks. We are also happy to install your doors purchased from big box stores.

Absolute Quality Garage Door Service specializes in the difficult jobs. Low head room, reasonable amounts of framing, odd sizes or strangely built buildings are not barriers to us. We will get your difficult job done and done correctly!


Proudly Offering the Liftmaster Opener Line

The owner has installed and worked on nearly every brand of opener during his career. Liftmaster is by far the leader in quality and reliability in his experience. We offer chain drive Liftmaster 8365 machines and belt drive 8355 machines for seven to ten foot tall residential doors. We offer the Liftmaster 8500 residential jackshaft machine for those that desire a clean looking ceiling, or for taller, light weight, residential doors with high lift. We offer both trolley and jack shaft (jack shaft machines require high lift track and solid tubes) commercial machines for doors up to 16 feet tall. We are also happy to install your opener that you have purchased from a big box store. Residential Liftmaster openers start at prices as low as $350 installed, with tax.