Absolute Quality Garage Door Service provides a five year warranty on labor for new door and opener installs. The company provides a two year warranty on labor and PARTS INSTALLED BY Absolute Quality Garage Door Service, for service calls on doors and openers that Absolute Quality Garage Door Service did not initially install. NEW issues on old doors, that are not connected to the issue that provoked the initial service call, are not covered under the two year service warranty. We do our absolute best to perform preventative maintenance on every serviced door, however, unforeseeable failures in door parts do occasionally occur.  At the end of each install, the installer will review with the customer, required, regular upkeep of their garage door. This includes very simple lubrication to be applied at least twice a year. Doing this will greatly elongate the life of your garage door, and help prevent future catastrophic failures!

The owner has been in the install business for over a decade. He KNOWS which install tactics work and which ones fail over time. We pride ourselves in having very few returns to jobs, even the ones we did over a decade ago! We strive to maintain a quality install at all times, and do our best to carry only quality products.

We can tell when an install has been done correctly, and when errors have been made on the part of the installer. We personally own up to those mistakes. That having been stated, instances where doors are closed on top of items, run into by vehicles, locked down while the opener is attached and running, or heavily misused, frequently resulting in dumped cables and occasionally extensive door damage, are not covered by these warranties.

Broken springs are a fact of life in the garage door business. The time period before a spring breaks is entirely dependent on the number of uses. Under normal use a spring should last more than five years. I evaluate on a per occurrence basis, based on the amount of use apparent on the door, whether a broken spring between 4-5 years old is warrantied. Should a spring less than four years old break, Absolute Quality Garage Door Service warranties both the labor and the spring.

The door and opener manufacturers we use provide a warranty on faulty or mis-manufactured doors and openers, as well coverage for factory or shipping damage. As the owner, I make sure to inspect each door at the time of install to ensure that they are in great condition! If not, Absolute Quality Garage Door Service happily replaces the damaged materials at no cost to the customer. The Ankmar warranty may be viewed here. The Clopay warranty here. The Liftmaster warranty here. Please contact us for more information about our warranty.